Happy St. Patrick's Day!

3/15/12 8:00 PM

Happy St. Patrick's Day How about an Irish Coffee?










Pan Am has a strong history with the land o’ the lucky starting with service to Shannon, Ireland. Pan Am continued flying to Ireland for years, we thought it would only be fitting to tell the story of the origin of “Irish Coffee”. Enjoy!

Although a highly contested subject of lore and tales, the origin of true “Irish Coffee” stems from a cold damp night in the Foynes Airport near Limerick, Ireland. Pan Am started flying seaplanes to Ireland  with Flying Clipper Service. It was at the Foynes Airfield that this story takes it roots.

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Are you behind the eight ball on creating your Pan Am stewardess costume? Fear not! Here’s a step-by-step guide to recreating the original Pan Am stewardess uniform from the late 60s/early70s.This sexy, stylish (yet, family friendly) recreation is as close as possible to the original, using everyday items sourced from Halloween shops, clothing retailers and craft stores. 

With a little imagination and time you should have a very close re-creation of one of the most stylish uniforms to ever grace the skies. In fact, this costume just might fool the pros…even that pesky uniform inspector!

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