Join our Creative Director, Brice Cooper, on a video journey through the Pan Am Originals Collection. Find out what started it all and why, for over eighty years, Pan Am is one of the brands most associated with quality and innovation.


“The Pan Am Originals Collection speaks to that person who effortlessly exudes style and longs for a simpler time in travel. The goodwill the bags generate is almost as interesting as the conversations people have about the brand. Every time I fly, I am amazed at how many people are dying to share their Pan Am stories with me. For some, it was the first time they came to the United States. For others, it was where they met the love of their life. The most congruent thread through all the stories has to be the positive memories that people have for the Pan Am brand. The Pan Am Originals Collection is a perfect way for some to hold onto those memories and for others to make new ones.” Brice Cooper-Creative Director, Pan Am Brands

The Originals Collection has been adopted by style icons and coveted by enduring fans time and time again. Fashion giant Marc Jacobs and style house Paul Frank have left their indelible marks on limited edition collections of the Originals, proving that the bags and accessories not only make great travel companions, but also attract style everywhere they go.


With an ever-changing fashion market, the Pan Am Originals is a staple in any savvy traveler’s collection. We hope you love them as much as we do.

No matter what life throws your way, carry on!