OK, last year we showed you how to be an authentic Pan Am stewardess for Halloween.  This year, we show you how to make your little one into the cutest stewardess you have ever seen!!!

The pieces:


White Button‐Down Shirt

White Tights

White Gloves

Black Shoes


And of course a Pan Am Bag!


Step 1‐ The tulle!

Anywhere from 50‐100 yards! These tutus used about 75 yards of 6” spools, which every tutu‐orial (yep, I said “tu‐tu‐orial”…I got that from one of the blogs when looking for help tutu making and yes, it still makes me giggle every time I say it…go ahead… say it out loud and I dare you not to giggle…tu‐tu‐orial… he, he, he!)

Anyway, 6” tulle rolls can be found in craft/fabric stores or on‐line. I couldn’t find the perfect color locally, but was lucky enough to strike gold 800 miles away on a business trip to Washington D.C., at the local A.C Moore! So, if you have an A.C. Moore, check there first! Otherwise, it may be easiest to just order online! My favorite tulle source is BowNut.com. They’re great! I ordered them for a different project and they shipped the same day and arrived in record time! I wasn’t sure about the color so I ordered both the Smoke Blue and Copenhagen. Then the office debate! Wouldn’t you know there would be a split jury! Because they are so quick and easy to make, I just made one of each… still a split jury! (I can’t win!)

In the end, we decided to mix the two colors and found a winner! Besides, most tutus look better with more than one color in them anyway. Mixing the 2 blues in these tutus just gives them more depth and it looked fantastic! Tulle usually comes in 25 yard spools, so I would order 2 Copenhagen and 1 Smoke. Ok, enough about the tulle, let’s get on with this…

tuleStep 2‐ Making the tutu.

I used the tu‐tu‐orial (yep, still giggling) at HeartBreakKids.com to make mine.Click here for the link to the tu-tu-orial.

There are lots of great ones out there that are all roughly the same concept. HOWEVER, there is one that is the BEST! Make sure to click on the one below for the best advice ever about cutting tulle! If you’ve cut tulle any other way, feel free to come back and thank me later for pointing out this little gem of a tip! It’s genious! In fact, it’s such a great tip, I am going to just add that link right in here for you.

Click here for this great time saving tip.



This next step is so easy. Just sew a piece of elastic with a needle and whatever thread happens to already be in it! Feeling lazy, I didn’t even change color of thread, but here’s the beauty… it won’t show anyway, so you don’t have to! If fact, if you are a complete non‐sewer, just use a safety pin to hold the elastic together!


Also note, the tutorial link shows her using a book to hold the elastic. I chose the handle of my girls’ doll stroller, b/c I like having the open area to loop through. I did 2 Copenhagen loops and then a Smoke Blue.



Step 3‐ Sit back, have a glass of wine and stare at your amazing work!

  Can you believe how simple that tutu was??? Let me guess, you are a tutu making addict now too, aren’t you?


Step 4‐ Plain white button down shirt.

 (Hint: Anywhere that sells school uniforms is a great source forthis) I found them on both Target.com and OldNavy.com and they were really inexpensive. I ended getting the Old Navy ones and they were great.

Step 5‐ The Hat.

 You should be able to hit up any Halloween store right now for a Bowler/Derby style hat. Last year’s Pan Am Adult Costume tutorial will show you exactly how to turn that hat into a Pan Am beauty! Click here for the PanAm.com link for making your hat. 

Step 6‐ White gloves…

 Dollar Store or raid your little princesses dress up kit like I did.

Step 7‐ White tights and black shoes

You probably already have these at home.

Step 8‐ Finish the look with your favorite Pan Am bag.

We recommend the Mini Explorer, as it’s the perfect carry‐on for your pint size stewardess and you will love using it as a fun purse after Halloween! Shop PanAm.com here.



If you want to get really crafty or you are looking for a family theme, FamilyFun.com has a great tutorial for making an airplane costume. I was an airplane years ago and used this tutorial and it was super cute. Maybe your favorite little boy would like to be a pilot to accompany his stewardess. If so, check it out here.

Grab him a pilot hat from the costume store, use the same link for a template from Step 5 above to add a pin to his hat and away you go!



I promise you, this costume is super simple and inexpensive and you will probably find most of what you need right in your house.  Even our Sales Manager, Lisa, was able to help me make one of these tutus and she is as non-crafty as they come!!  (Check this out…she didn’t even know what tulle was!)


And as always, don’t forget to fly on over to our Facebook page and post a photo of your finished product!

 Until next time….Happy Halloween and Carry On!