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2011 has been an exciting year in Pan Am history. With the upcoming launch of the new ABC series Pan Am starring Christina Ricci, and the launch of our Pan Am Originals Reloaded bag collection, a heightened awareness of the brand has people asking the question what is Pan Am today? To better answer what we are today, we need to look to the past.

In 1927, Pan Am World Airways started out as a small airline servicing Key West and Havana. The principles were simple: approach every aspect of the business head on with dedication to quality, integrity and, above all, service. These guiding principles helped Pan Am become one of the most recognizable brands in the world.

Pan Am Planes

With the introduction of the Pan Am 707 in 1958, the “jet age” had begun… and with it came international exposure to an already iconic brand. It seemed like everywhere people turned, Pan Am was a part of the scene. Celebrities flew it, rock stars rocked it and the public loved it.

Pan Am Planes


Throughout its history, Pan Am has been recognized the world over as the most stylish airline in the world. This was no accident, as the Pan Am powers that be decided to incorporate partnerships between top designers and tastemakers to create what was to become some of the most stylish and iconic images in aviation history. Stewardess uniforms by top designers like Edith Head made heads turn in the terminals and in the aisles.

It was the iconic Pan Am cabin bags that were given to first class passengers that became the lasting reminder of escape from the mundane. Carrying a Pan Am bag signified not only a departure from the ordinary, but that you had truly arrived.

The current Pan Am brand operates every day with style and innovation in mind. The iconic logos and classic colors of the Pan Am Originals line tell a story rich in history and style with a passing glance. With the addition of the tech-based 707 Collection for spring of 2012, it’s not about where you are, but where you are going.

By collaborating with top artists, designers and brands in the fashion industry, Pan Am is dedicated to producing credible collections for consumers that enhance their everyday lives through style and design. We’d like to invite you to join us in our travels, and remember, “always carry on.”

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